Soul Care Urban Retreat Center

6/1/2021 5:26:28 PM

Soul Care Urban Retreat Center logoOrganization name: Soul Care Urban Retreat Center

Project description: #1 Research leader names and email/phone for 100 RSO who may benefit from Soul Care offerings. Send email to RSOs about free training that Soul Care can provide for their group and follow up with those that don't respond. Training would be around self-care, mindfulness, or the importance of spiritual wellness. Schedule the training with the RSOs who respond. Follow-up after the training with information about joining Kindred Souls Membership and additional paid programs/offerings/space that Soul Care can provide members or the organization as a whole. #2 Same as above, but with campus academic and student affairs departments and offices. #3 Same as above, but with community organizations - schools, healthcare, social services, civil services, community advocates, non-profits, etc. #4 monthly distribution of posters/flyers in the CU community and on campus #5 assistance with promotion of Podcast and Blog (outreach, PR, SEO) Students must be willing to meet once a week either by Zoom or in person to review actions on project and answer questions.

Specific skills/requirements: Outgoing, familiar with RSO and campus, self-starter, writing ability, social media and graphic design, access to a vehicle

Number of students: 2–4 students

Amounts of hours/week: 3–4 hours per week

Project cause(s): Community Special Needs

Accepting students: Summer 2021

Preparation: See Soul Care website ( to become familiar with the organization.