Mission Statement

We CU supports partnerships between local organizations and service learning instructors to create impactful learning experiences for students, honor students for their community-based work, and promote positive change in our community.

We accomplish this mission by: 


By joining We CU, students become part of diverse group of peers passionate about serving the community. Students have the opportunity to attend training sessions, learn from one another, and work closely with other We CU students on projects. Further, students receive the support of  We CU team members, who help answer questions, connect them with opportunities, and guide their journey in becoming a We CU scholar. 

We CU student scholars

child's hand in adult's hand


Students involved in We CU become actively engaged in meeting Champaign-Urbana community needs throughout their time at the University of Illinois. With the support of student volunteers, partner organizations advance their missions, serve more people, and strengthen the community at large. Each individual project has the power to build a foundation of collaboration that will continue for years to come. 


Through community-based work, students gain essential hands-on experience that complements and enhances what they learn in the classroom. Students may be connected with projects that both build practical knowledge in their area of study or diversify their skill sets to make them more attractive to future employers. They also gain visibility with potential employers, experience to list on the resume, and powerful stories to tell in interviews. We CU students have an opportunity to graduate with an expanded worldview, and a greater understanding of how they might contribute to our larger society.

Student volunteering at DREAAM House

We CU logoWe CU is supported by the University of Illinois Office of the Chancellor, College of Education, Humanities Research Institute, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute, School of Social Work, and University of Illinois Alumni Association