Hope Lives Youth Ranch

6/1/2021 5:26:28 PM

Hope Lives Youth Ranch logoOrganization name: Hope Lives Youth Ranch

Project description: Hope Lives Youth Ranch is seeking help finding and writing for Grant Opportunities. We have several large needs, including expansion of our facility, that are not able to be covered by our daily operating budget. Hope Lives Youth Ranch will work in tangent with the student to find and complete the grant application and make sure it is written to the highest possible standard. The student will learn about how a non-profit program operates as they help us compile a boilerplate to make future grant writing as smooth and easy as possible.

Specific skills: Attention to detail

Number of students: 1 to 3 students

Amounts of hours/week: 3–4 hours per week

Project cause(s): Children and Youth, Education, Leadership Development

Accepting students: Summer 2021

Preparation: History, financial reports, organization structure, and other grant related documents will be provided upon the start of the project.