C-U Safe Routes to School

6/1/2021 5:26:28 PM

C-U Safe Routes to School ProjectOrganization name: C-U Safe Routes to School

Project description: Orchard Downs Traffic Garden & Playstreet - A traffic garden is a set of small-sized streets with scaled-down traffic features and other fun elements that provide a safe space for kids and families to get some exercise, have fun, and learn bicycle handling and safety skills. We have started work on this project during the spring semester and would like to have help to further develop ideas for how to create unique educational programs where young people see how the built world is put together and how infrastructure can create safer, healthier and more inclusive communities. There is an abandoned street segment just south of Florida off of Race that we are proposing be converted to a traffic garden.

Specific skills: Research, proposal writing, and some graphic skills

Number of students: 2–3 students

Amounts of hours/week: 1–2 hours per week

Project cause(s):

Accepting students: Summer 2021

Preparation: N/A